Neologian Gallery

Neologian Art Gallery  

411 Lathrop Street Redwood City

“Second only to compassion, Art/creativity is the greatest trait of humanity.”

Since Neologian Art Gallery opened its doors in 2014 that has been our mantra, finding and featuring artists from the traditional to the progressive, and sharing one of the greatest traits of humanity with the community.
This December for Open Studios we would like to share that with you. We will be featuring art from artists like new HS Grad Blake O’Brien, University Art Professor Matt G. Wieland, and Gods & Titans Tattoo owner Vic Martinez.

Participating Artists

Blake Farid O’Brien, Blake O’Brien Photography, photography

Cee Poull Blaine, oil

Corrie Franusic, acrylic and LED lights

David Mejia, Mejiaarts, ink/watercolor

Jeanne Gadol, painting, photography, and digital

Marty Farfan, ceramics

Matt G. Wieland, acrylic/pen & ink

Tara Swan, Dream Capture Images, film photography

Victor Martinez, Gods & Titans Tattoo, oils/acrylics/color pencils

William Ranger, watercolor on canvas